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Cameron Diaz Modeling

The stunning retired actress, Cameron Diaz has always been a stunner. She started her modeling career in the beautiful city; New York before she moved to Los Angeles.

Cameron has been known as a fashionista by getting featured on magazines covers and red carpet events as a model.

But how did she start her modeling career and when did she get into acting?

Cameron Diaz worked as a model before she entered the acting industry. Although you might not believe it, she’s been in the entertainment business since the age of 16.

I was also surprised to know this when she explained her journey as a model before she started out as an actor.

She had revealed certain facts and also shared her photos as a teenage model. Here, I have explained everything briefly regarding her career as a model prior to acting.

How Did Cameron Diaz Start Her Modeling Career?

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How Did Cameron Diaz Start Her Modeling Career?

While still a teenager, Cameron Diaz agreed to a contract with Elite Model Management and appeared as a model in advertisements for Levi.

She is a star on the rise. The following year when Cameron turned 17, she got featured on the July 1990 issue of Seventeen magazine’s cover.

In 1991, she also worked in Australia for 2 to 3 months as a model and appeared performing in a Coca-Cola commercial in Sydney.

At the age of 19, she was also videotaped and photographed for a fashion lingerie editorial by a professional photographer, John Rutter.

However, he never released them as they were quite inappropriate.

Rutter made his contacts with Cameron Diaz in 2003, a year before Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle release.

He offered to sell the video and pictures to her for $3.5 million, which she declined. Later on, he tried to sell them to some prospective buyers.

He revealed that Cameron rejected his offer of her first right of refusal to them, which she took as an attempt of blackmailing to her due to the disagreement.

Thus, she sued Rutter. In 2004, the video with the, She’s No Angel, was ultimately released on a website.

The clever Rutter never acknowledged its release. The next year, the court sentenced him to prison for over 3 years for his illegal acts.

1994–1998: The Duration When Cameron Stepped Into Acting

1994–1998: The Duration When Cameron Stepped Into Acting

Cameron Diaz recorded her auditions for the role of a jazz singer, Tina Carlyle, in a movie, The Mask, based on the recommendation by an Elite agent.

He met the movie’s producers when they were looking for the film’s leading actress.

As Cameron had no prior acting experience, she began acting lessons right after being cast.

On the other hand, The Mask got much praised by the audience as one of the top ten highest-grossing movies of 1994.

This made Diaz famous as a se*x symbol. Meanwhile, Cameron also went into a relationship with the video producer, named Carlos de la Torre.

Subsequently, she became famous and was cast for The Last Supper; the black comedy (1995), Feeling Minnesota; the dramatic comedy (1996), She’s the One; direct comedy (1996), Head Above Water; crime comedy the same year, and A Life Less Ordinary in the year 1997.

These appearances made her famous and ultimately, she got a chance to play her role in My Best Friend’s Wedding movie.

Her other famous movies include There’s Something About Mary, The Holiday, Charlie’s Angels, The Other Woman, What Happens In Vegas, Knight And Day, Shrek, Bad Teacher, and so on.

Excited to know more? Explore the list of Cameron Diaz movies now!

Cameron Diaz As A Fashionista Young Model

Cameron Diaz As A Fashionista Young Model

Being one of the hottest stars of our time, Cameron’s got her own fashion line. She’s also an entrepreneur and an inspiration to women who love fashion and want to break into the fashion industry.

Her style whether it is clothes or shoes, hairstyles or makeup, she’s always made an impeccable impression.

She is well-known for her fashion-forward style. Diaz’s fashion style has always been extremely unique.

She always carries a handbag in every fashion event she attends. Moreover, she’s known for her bold fashion choices.

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