Cole Bennett Net Worth 2024 | Lyrical Lemonade Earnings

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett has made his career through the video-sharing platform.

Cole Bennett’s net worth is $2 million that he has earned from his YouTube channel by working as a director, videographer, and professional filmmaker for Rappers and other YouTubers.

Net Worth$2 million
YouTube Monthly Earnings$100k
YouTube Subscribers12.6 million
YouTube Video Views750 million

He kick-started his career as a YouTuber, sharing music videos and other stuff relevant to his channel.

Till now, he has gained a plethora of 12.6 million subscribers on the platform.

Also, he has created another YouTube channel to show the behind-the-scenes of his work and directed videos.

Cole Bennett has made a pace for himself in the world of innovative productions.

If you’re also a fan of Cole Bennett’s YouTube channel, you must wonder about his net worth and lavish lifestyle.

To know more about Cole Bennett’s net worth, earnings, and monthly income, stick with us to the end!

How Much Is Cole Bennett Net Worth In 2024?

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This Chicago-based videographer and YouTuber has made his mark during his early days.

He created the website where he produced music by making covers of his favorite rappers and singers.

Soon, he started posting on the YouTube channel. Cole Bennett’s net is $2 million as of 2024.

Cole started his YouTube journey with edited music videos having a touch of animation and creativity.

With that, his videos have gained many million views on YouTube. Cole Bennett’s most popular video, Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams (Directed by Cole Bennett), has over 750 million views.

All his YouTube videos are earring him great bucks. Moreover, Cole has also made money as a director by working with different rappers and other YouTubers.

His initial projects of direction were with the local rappers of Chicago, and after that, he worked all over America to film their videos. Go through the Cole Bennett wiki and bio.

How Much Cole Bennett Earn In A Month?

Cole Bennett Earnings

Cole Bennett has made an excellent salary through his career as a business executive, filmography, and YouTuber.

Most of his wealth is from his YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade, where he has collaborated with many emerging talents in the rapping world.

As of 2024, he earns a whopping salary of $500k per month from his multiple sources. His income largely depends on the views on his YouTube videos.

Apart from this, he has established himself as an entrepreneur, earning him a regular salary.

His salary is increasing day by day as he continues to entertain fans and lovers around the world.

Not only this, but Cole Bennett also owns merchandise where he deals in brand label clothes, including hoodies, sweats, and other stuff. Cole Bennet girlfriend is also working as a merchandiser.

Why Is Cole Bennett So Rich?

After getting himself established in multiple careers, Cole Bennett is earning a plethora of money.

He started his career as a college dropout who wanted to follow his music passion. Soon, he made a website and started covering songs of famous singers and rappers.

Not so long ago, Cole Bennett started his YouTube channel, gaining over 12 million subscribers.

Moreover, his YouTube channel works as a multi-media company, a great platform for young and emerging talents.

He did not spare the opportunity of his platform and made merchandise and a beverage company that deals in lemonade.

All these platforms and positions are earning him great bucks. Cole Bennett’s house is a mansion in Chicago.

How Cole Bennett Made His Net Worth?

The main reason Cole Bennett’s net worth is $2 million is his passion and dedication to his work.

Being young, he started making for himself a sturdy platform through his website. Sonn, he got shifted to YouTube, where he has worked with many emerging rappers.

In no time, Cole has gained immense love from everyone throughout the planet. Millions of people have loved his creative and animated YouTube videos.

Cole Bennett is currently among the richest persons on the YouTube platform. Cole Bennett’s car collection is vast, as he also loves sports and luxury cars.

Cole Bennett Earnings From YouTube

Cole Bennett has made much of his videos on the app. YouTube pays him great bucks for his monetized views.

Moreover, his channel’s sponsored ads have got him some extra dollars. Cole Bennett Lyrical Lemonade has a net worth between $3 – $19 million.

His estimated monthly salary on YouTube exceeds the $100k mark. Lastly, he has millions of monetized views on his videos and other collaborations.

Cole Bennett’s second YouTube channel has also gained 240k subscribers. There he posts all behind the scene stuff of his work.

Cole Bennett Earnings From Filmography

Cole has worked with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, J. Cole, and Kanye West.

However, he has gained fame as a music director from small scale and emerging talents like Smokepurpp, Famous Dex, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Lil Pump.

His music views with the artist have hundreds of millions of views, making him a millionaire in no time. Moreover, he has also produced his music.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cole Bennett Net Worth

Q. How much is Cole Bennett’s net worth?

Cole Bennett has earned a whopping sum of money from his YouTube channel, business, and as a videographer for many top-notch hip hop rappers. Today, he has a net worth of $2 million.

Q. How much does Cole Bennett make?

Cole Bennett has a fair source of income from multiple platforms. His monthly income is making him rich day by day. As of 2022, he earns $500k from various sources.

Q. How much does Cole Bennett charge for a music video?

For the filming of a music video, Cole Bennett is estimated to be charged thousands of dollars. His music videos are a hit on the internet world, so his charges must be high.

Q. How rich is Cole Bennett?

This 25-year-old YouTuber is wealthy and has a lot of money from his career. Cole Bennett owns a magnificent house with many cars in his garage.

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