Cole Bennett Girlfriend 2024 | Is He Dating Sommer Ray?

Cole Bennett Girlfriend

When we talk about Cole Bennett girlfriend, we’ve got a long list of his dating history. Previously, he was associated with many internet personalities and other names.

Only some of his relationships are public, while the rest have been kept with utmost privacy. Moreover, he had confirmed none of his relationship himself.

This 25-year-old is very popular among females because of his charm and attractive looks.

Not to forget his lavish lifestyle and luxury living, which is helping him to hang out with some famous names on the internet.

He has dated many celebrities and famous women, including Tay Money, Lana Marie, and more.

However, you must have heard more about his professional life than his personal and dating life.

The reason for that is Cole Bennett is private about his dating life and relationships.

But you need not worry, as we have gathered all about Cole Bennett’s girlfriend and his exes. Follow in my footsteps to get the details.

Who Is Cole Bennett Girlfriend? | 2024

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As of 2024, Cole Bennet started dating Sommer Ray after leaving Tay Money. They both started dating earlier in 2021 when they both met through some common friends.

Since then, Cole and Sommer got along well and have been seen together on several occasions.

From that point forward, Cole and Sommer got along well and have been seen together on a few events.

However, Sommer Ray is an entrepreneur, Instagram model, and YouTuber having a plethora of 1.8 million subscribers on the platform.

Like the net worth of Cole Bennett, Sommer Ray is also earning a great amount of money through YouTube and Instagram.

There, she is well known for her fitness tips and videos. Not just that, her erotic photograph on Instagram gained her a great deal of notoriety and prevalence.

When Cole Bennett Met Sommer Ray?

Cole Bennett And Sommer Ray

Cole Bennett met Sommer Ray at some event through a mutual friend. They both clicked and started seeing each other during that period.

Soon, on Instagram, they both confirmed their relationship through Instagram stories. Cole posted a story in which he posted photo booth pictures with Sommer Ray.

Later, Sommer took to Instagram and posted a photo of Cole Bennett holding hotdogs at some theme park.

Later, fans speculated that they both were dating. Moreover, Sommer ray was also previously involved with Machine Gun Kelly and Tyler Holder.

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Is Sommer Ray Famous?

Sommer Ray is a famous personality across all internet platforms. On Instagram, she is famous for her bold photoshoots, and Sommer has gained quite a following as a model.

She is additionally a health and wellness YouTuber having over 1.8 million endorsers on the platform.

She has gained all this success in four years. Last but not least is her merchandise, where she deals in many women’s clothing.

Who Are Cole Bennett Girlfriends? – Dating History

Sommer Ray is not the only girlfriend Cole Bennet has in his life. Rather, he has also dated some other famous names and personalities.

He has a small but interesting dating history, making him a lady’s favorite.

When Did Cole Bennett Date Lana Marie?

Cole Bennett’s first relationship that is publicly available is with Lana Marie. Lana is known to be a professional photographer, and she has excelled in her profession.

They both dated at the beginning of Cole Bennett’s career, and they both seem to bond well.

But the sad part is, they both split up after a few years and moved on with their lives.

Cole Bennett had also shared pictures with her on his Instagram when they both were dating.

Did Cole Bennett Also Date Tay Money?

Cole Bennett And Tay Money

This 25-year-old YouTuber dated Tay Money after breaking up with Lana Marie. The two of them have communicated their affection for one another openly.

Also, she is the only girlfriend of Cole Bennett who got featured on his YouTube channel.

Cole and Tay began dating in 2019, and following two years together; they ended their relationship.

From that point forward, they haven’t been in touch with one another.

Why Tay Money Got Famous?

Tay Money is a renowned rapper who has gained popularity because of her songs like Trapper’s delight, Na Na, Bussin, Lil Mama, High School, and more. On her YouTube channel, she has more than 242k subscribers.

What People Ask About Cole Bennett Girlfriend

Q. Are Cole Bennett and Tay Money dating?

No, Cole Bennett and Tay Money have ended their relationship in early 2021. Later, Tay Money revealed that Cole cheated on her with Sommer Ray.

Q. Are Cole Bennett and Sommer Ray dating?

Yes, Cole Bennett and Sommer ray have been romantically involved with each other since early 2021. They both share photos on their respective social handles.

Taylor Bennett has a younger brother who is known by the famous name of Chance, the rapper. However, they both have no relationship with the business executive, Cole Bennett.

Q. Who is Cole Bennett dating?

Cole Bennett has been frequently seen together with the YouTube star Sommer Ray. They both started seeing each other earlier this year.

Q. Is Cole Bennett with Sommer ray?

Yes, Cole Bennett is involved with Sommer Ray as his new girlfriend. The two of them love to get to know one another and appear to be in love with one another.

Q. Is Cole Bennett single?

Currently, Cole Bennett is not single and has been involved with the Instagram star Sommer Ray. Moreover, they both are happily posting pictures of each other on the gram.

This article was last updated in April, 2024.
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