Who Is Coyote Peterson Wife? | Family, Parents, Daughter

Coyote Peterson Wife

Coyote is a renowned YouTuber who is also the host of Brave the Wild; Coyote Peterson a series by Animal Planet.

Along with winning in various areas of life, his married life is also somewhat stable, and fans often search about Coyote Peterson wife, parents, and family all over the internet.

For years Coyote has managed to hide his personal life from the media and the spotlight.

But in recent years, we have stumbled upon the fact that he is actually married and is also a parent to a beautiful daughter.

When Was Coyote Married?

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Fans, when talking about Coyote, often ask, is he married? Well, we are here to debunk all your queries.

It has been reported that Coyote was married in the mid-2000s. He has hence had a successful marriage lasting well over a decade.

Furthermore, he has been able to carry on his remarkable work in wildlife whilst sustaining a happy marriage.

Coyote Peterson’s Daughter | Children

Coyote Peterson Daughter

In the year 2008, Coyote was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and became a dad. She was named Pup Peterson.

According to her mother, she has been given the nickname “Coyote” after her father.

Besides, her recent pictures on Coyote’s social media show that she indulges in playing with animals just like her father.

So it is safe to say that she also shares a keen interest in wildlife.

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Coyote Peterson Dating History

All celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives away from the media spotlight, especially their dating life.

Likewise, Coyote has also done the same. We don’t have any substantial information about whether he was in a relationship before marriage or not.

We know that he had at least one relationship, which was, of course, with her current wife.

In addition, no reports of extramarital affairs have been noticed in his long marriage. Anything contrary to this online is presumably a fake rumour.

Don’t forget to read about Coyote Peterson’s biography.

Coyote Peterson Parents

Coyote was born to his parents on 1st September 1981. He was raised in rural lands and hence had vast exposure to various animals.

From an early age, he began to surprise his parents by catching different dangerous animals without any proper training or equipment.

His parents realized his talents and supported him to pursue a career in this field, to the point that today he is a well-known name in the wildlife regime around the world.

Coyote Peterson Siblings

As mentioned earlier, the details regarding his family have not been in the limelight.

Hence, among the scarce information he has allowed regarding his family, he has not revealed any brothers or sisters if he has any.

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What People Ask About Coyote Peterson Wife And Family

Q. Does Coyote Peterson have a daughter?

Yes, Coyote has a daughter named Pup Peterson.

Q. Does Coyote Peterson have a child?

He has a beautiful daughter who shares the same nickname as her father.

Q. How old is Coyote Peterson daughter?

Being born in 2008, Coyote’s daughter is currently 13 years old.

Q. Who is Coyote Peterson’s wife?

He has kept the identity of his wife a secret, and hence not many people know the real name or age of his wife.

Q. What is Pup Peterson real name?

This is her real name. Her nickname is however, the same as her dad; Coyote.

This article was last updated in June, 2024.
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