AB Quintanilla Kids | Where Are His Sons And Daughters?

AB Quintanilla Kids

Being a father is a tough job, but AB Quintanilla is doing it in a significant way. All of Kumbia Kings producers’ past relationships went well, which has brought AB Quintanilla kids to the world.

Currently, AB Quintanilla has eight kids with plans of having a ninth one. Yes. You heard it right!

The producer of Kumbia Kings got hitched five times, leading to all eight kids. Among them, six of them are boys, while two of them are daughters.

Also, AB Quintanilla’s kids are very close to him and spend a lot of time with the singer. Moreover, AB Quintanilla has also welcomed a grandkid who happened to be his first son.

From young to a few years old, AB Quintanilla kids are famous because of his dad and aunt, Selena.

However, there is not much information about them available on the internet. But, we have dug deeper to get more information regarding AB Quintanilla kids. Are you ready for the grind?

What AB Quintanilla Kids Do Now?

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AB Quintanilla Sons

While talking about AB Quintanilla kids who got limelight mainly because of their aunt Selena and their father, almost all of them are away from the public eye, living their life in utmost privacy. As of today, the singer has a total of eight kids.

His oldest kid, Savani Quintanilla, also got hitched many years back. Currently, he is also working as a record producer and singer.

Moreover, he has also got blessed with a daughter. Giani Quintanilla is the second son who is also making his career in music. The information about the rest of them is unknown.

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Are AB Quintanilla Kids married?

AB Quintanilla Son, Savani Quintanilla

No, not all the singer’s children are married. Only AB Quintanilla’s elder son, Savani, got to his childhood sweetheart and has started a family.

As of today, he has become the father of a daughter, making AB Quintanilla a grandparent.

Apart from him, no other children are married and are currently making their careers. Some of them are still totally dependent on their mothers and Quintanilla.

Regardless, AB Quintanilla shares a beautiful bond with all of them and great affection for his grandchild.

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AB Quintanilla Son, Giani Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla Got The Lawsuit, But Why?

AB Quintanilla was one time the city most wanted due to not paying the expenditures of his child. Even after agreeing to bear the child’s expenses, the court ordered him ail in Nueces County Jail.

Additionally, he got forced to be in police custody to learn more about child support and parenting. The lawsuit amount was 87,000, and he paid it immediately after court orders.

Is AB Quintanilla Baby No. 9 Coming Soon?

According to AB, earlier this year has announced that he is planning to become a father again, with his current wife, Rikkie Robertson. The post suggested that they both are trying hard to become parents of their first child together.

Moreover, he also stated that the baby hadn’t arrived yet, but it could happen anytime soon. After so many months, there is still no news of the baby from the couple.

AB Quintanilla Son, Elijah Quintanilla Went Missing!

AB Quintanilla Son, Elijah Quintanilla

Earlier this year, the singer’s son went missing and the news circulated on social media by his mother.

In that heart-wrenching post, she said that their son is responsible and doesn’t go uninformed. At that time, AB Quintanilla took no action on his social media.

Later, AB confirmed the boy did not get missing. He was with his aunt and grandmother. We do not know if it’s true or AB Quintanilla has done it so that people won’t get involved in their personal life.

AB Quintanilla Daughter – Martika Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla Daughter, Martika Quintanilla

Martika Quintanilla is the elder daughter of AB Quintanilla. She was born in 1989 and now she is 32 years old. There is not much details known to public. She might not like to be a public figure.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding AB Quintanilla Kids

Q. Does AB Quintanilla have a daughter?

AB Quintanilla is the father of two daughters, one of them is from his first wife. His elder daughter is Martika, who was born in 1989.

Q. Does AB Quintanilla have a child?

Not only one, but AB Quintanilla also has eight children. Among them, there are two daughters and six sons. Now, he also has a granddaughter.

Q. What is AB Quintanilla’s daughter’s name?

AB Quintanilla’s oldest girl is Martika. She was brought into the world in 1989 and is presently 32 years of age, and is doing fine with her life. Details about his other daughter are unknown.

Q. When did AB Quintanilla have his first kid?

AB had his first kid in 1989 from his first wife, Vangie. He has two kids from his first wife, a daughter, and a son.

Q. Does Chris Perez have a daughter?

No, Chris Perez doesn’t have any daughter with Selena. Later, when he remarried, he got blessed with two children. His daughter’s name is Cassie Pérez.

Q. How old is AB Quintanilla’s?

AB Quintanilla’s daughter has entered her thirties as she was born in the year 1989. Her exact age is 32 years old. Her date of birth is unknown.

Q. Where is AB Quintanilla’s daughter?

We don’t know for sure the whereabouts of AB Quintanilla’s daughter. She might have settled in her life and probably has started a family.

This article was last updated in May, 2024.
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