Janita Mae Killam | Cobie Smulders’s Daughter | Age, Bio, & Height

Janita Mae Killam

Some kids destined to have fame by being born to famous influencers and celebrities, and Janita Mae Killam is one of them.

She is the second-born daughter of the great couple of Hollywood, Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders. They both got married in September 2012.

Real NameJanita Mae Killam
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Net WorthNot Available
EarningsNot Available
Income/SalaryNot Available
Birth Date2015
Birth PlaceNew York, United States
Zodiac Sign/StarNot known
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Body MeasurementsNot Available
Skin TypeFair
Body Type/Sexual OrientationSmart
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendNot Available
ChildrenNo kids
ParentsMother – Cobie Smulders,
Father – Taran Killam
SiblingsSister – Shaelyn Cado Killam
Social Media PresenceNot Active

Like many other Hollywood couples, the sneak peeks into the life of Janita are limited to very few people.

The public and media do not have the liberty to poke their noses into Janita’s life. Nevertheless, only some information about Janita is currently available to the public.

Both of her parents, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam, are successful actors in Hollywood.

They both have made their place in Hollywood because of their phenomenal acting in different roles.

Taran and Cobie have appeared together in a U.S comedy-drama, How I Met Your Mother.

If you are also a fan of this power couple, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam, you must be searching here and there about their personal life.

To know more about her daughter, Janita Mae Killam, her net worth, age, bio, and sister, pattern yourself after us!

Who Is Janita Mae Killam?

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Janita Mae Killam is the daughter of the legendary Hollywood couple; Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam.

This six-year-old girl is famous because of her parents, who are the celebrated personalities of the big screen.

Janita Mae Killam had not worked hard for all of this fame and success. Nevertheless, she is too young to get involved in any film or drama industry. People around the world know her for having well-known star parents.

Why Is Janita Mae Killam Famous?

Janita Mae Killam did not get famous by choice. In fact, she is too young to have any way out. She got into the limelight in the media industry because of her mother and father.

Her parents have made a good name in the industry, making their generations proud of them.

Nonetheless, Janita Mae Killam is in limelight because of these similar reasons. She was born in a privileged and luxurious home.

Not only that, upon her birth, she got immense attention from the media and news alike, which made her a famous personality right from the beginning.

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Early Life And Biography Of Janita Mae Killam

Janita Mae Killam opened her eyes to the world in January 2015. Her father, Taran Killam, and her mother, Cobie Smulders, were thrilled about her birth.

She is the second and last-born child of the Killam family. They all live in New York City together.

Janita was born in New York City and is American by her nationality.

She is currently getting homeschooled and is under the protection of her parents. She is dependent on her mother and is too young to be living in a separate house.

Janita Mae Killam Family – Parents And Sibling

cobie smulders janita mae killam

Janita Mae Killam has a small family comprising her mother, father, and elder sister. Janita’s parents have an immense love for both of their daughters.

They both are earning enough for the better future of their daughters. Both of her parents are successful artists in the Holywood industry.

Janita Mae Killam is the only sibling to her elder sister, Shaelyn Cado Killam. She is currently living in New York together with Janita.

Being born on May 16, 2009, makes her 11 years old by now. She is attending a private school in the city.

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How Did Janita Mae Killam’s Parents Meet?

The story of Janita Mae Killam’s parents’ meet-up is fascinating as they both met through a mutual friend, Paul Campbell.

Taran Killam encountered Cobie Smulders on a set of her series when he was shooting the pilot episode.

She was there the whole time pilot was shooting. After that, they met several times till they were head over heels in love with each other.

They dated for quite a long and got affianced to each other a few years later, in 2009. After three years, they planned to get married in 2012.

Cobie Smulders – Mother Of Janita Mae Killam

Cobie Smulders has made her mark as an exceptional artist in the Hollywood industry.

She first appeared in the movie Walking Tall in 2004. After that, in the upcoming years, she has done multiple projects and films.

She was born in Vancouver, Canada, on April 3, 1982. She is well educated and started modeling during her adolescent years.

After modeling, she entered the film industry and ruled millions of hearts here.

Although she has done many exceptional projects, some of them are worth mentioning.

She has appeared in The Avengers franchise, How I met your mother, Spiderman: Far From Home, and many others.

Taran Killam – Father Of Janita Mae Killam

Taran Killam is best known as an actor, comedian, and writer who kick-started his acting career through Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult as a young boy.

After that, he has bagged many roles and worked with several top-notch production companies.

Not only that, but Taran Killam has also shown up many times in the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. He has played the role of Will Cooper in the sitcom, Single Parents.

Apart from sitcoms, he has also worked in different movies and Tv shows.

Taran Killam has also appeared as a guest for many Tv shows include; The Amanda Show, Saturday Night Live, and many others.

Does Janita Mae Killam Have a Net Worth?

Janita Mae Killam is too young to have a net worth. This six-year-old is currently dependent on her parents for everything.

Also, she has no source of income or career choice. That all makes her net worth zero.

Nonetheless, her parents, Taran and Cobie, have a good net worth from their movies and films.

Taran Killam has a net worth of $4 million, while Cobie Smulders owns a hefty net worth of 18 million dollars.

Janita Mae Killam Facts And Trivia

  • Janita Mae Killam’s mother, Cobie Smulders, got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, she survived it.
  • Her father and mother shared the same screen in the renowned U.S.A romantic-comedy, How I Met Your Mother.
  • Both of her parents are of the same age, 39 years old.
  • Janita Mae Killam has no brother and only has one elder sister, Shaelyn Cado Killam.
  • Cobie accidentally shared the news of Janita’s birth during the promotion of her movie, Unexpected.

FAQs Regarding Janita Mae Killam

Q. Is Janita Mae Killam single?

Yes, Janita is currently single and is not looking for any relationship. Since, she is too young to be committed to anybody.

Q. Does Janita Mae Killam have a brother?

No, Janita Mae Killam has no brother. Although, she has only a sister, Shaelyn Cado Killam, who is five years older.

Q. Who are Janita Mae Killam’s parents?

Janita Mae Killam has very dominant parents who have worked as movie artists in the Hollywood industry. Her mother’s name is Cobie Smulders, while her father’s name is Taran Killam.

Q. How old is Janita Mae Killam?

Janita Mae Killam turned six this year and is the youngest one in the Killam family. She blows candles in January every year.

Q. Is Janita Mae Killam on social media?

No, Janita Mae Killam is currently not available on social networking sites. She, however, occasionally gets featured on the Instagram of her mother and father.

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