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Manny Khoshbin wife

Manuchehr Khoshbin, commonly recognized by Manny Khoshbin, was born in 1971 on January 14. In 1985, in his teenage years, he moved to the US with his family from Iran.

In 2011, Manny Khoshbin wife, Leyla Milani, met him and both of them tied into a love relationship.

Both of them have two children; the eldest daughter Priscilla Khoshbin and a younger son Enzo Pasha.

Moreover, they also have two dogs in their family named Lupe and Coco. Let’s know a little about Manny Khoshbin’s wife and family. .

Manny Khoshbin Wife – Leyla Milani

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A big name of real estate from the United States married Leyla Milani, a public figure, in 2011. Explore more about Manny Khoshbin’s career and wiki.

It is said that Manny and Leyla have been in a relationship since 2009, and they met each other through social media.

Later they decided to tie a knot and got married in June 2011. An intimate wedding ceremony was held in Orange County, California, where they walked down the aisle in front of their family members and a few closest friends.

Leyla looked like a beauty queen on her special day. She wore a strapless cut-out white dress. It also had a hip-length veil.

Manny Khoshbin Leyla Milani

Khoshbin wore black suit pants with a black bow-tie on his white shirt for his wedding ceremony.

Khoshbin and Leyla are a happily married couple, and they shared a beautiful married life of love, joy, and laughter for over ten years.

In fact, they have a big name in real estate industry and the net worth of Manny Khoshbin is its evidence.

Both are spending a lavish life with their son and daughter. Moreover, they also like to share their sweet memories with their followers on social networking sites.

Who Is Leyla Milani?

Let’s talk about the life of Manny Khoshbin’s wife, Leyla Milani. She is an Iranian-Canadian TV host, model, actress, entrepreneur, and a mommy of two.

Leyla gained popularity in 2005 when she competed with thousands of women to be a part of Diva search by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Though she could not secure the first position, she was successful in getting second place.

Then, she shifted from working in WWE for the next four years and started modeling for Deal or no deal, which was a game show.

The case she held in the show was 13, and she won high-value prizes on numerous occasions.

In addition to working as a model, she also appeared on news shows as a celebrity for supporting charity.

Her credits include hosting the FOX Sports Net Celebrity Golf Tournament, “My Fair Brady,” and “Wet Hot American Summer.”

In addition, she appeared on “Last Comic Standing” and acted in an independent film, “Wrestlemania.”

Additionally, she launched Leyla Milani Hair, a luxury hair care company for celebrities, because of her fame from the show “Deal or No Deal.”

Manny Khoshbin Children

Manny Khoshbin family

The happily married couple Manny and Leyla, have two babies. September 2012 marked the birth of the duo’s first child, a daughter Priscilla Khoshbin.

Then in 2016, they were blessed with their second baby, a son Enzo Pasha 2016. This family of four with two dogs is having a happy life.

Manny Khoshbin Family – Parents And Siblings

In 1985 at the 14th year of his life, Manny moved from Iran to the United States with his parents and family empty-handed.

With no or little resources, they had to spend a living in the US.

Having to live in a family where it was difficult to earn bread for a healthy life was difficult, Manny decided to struggle and work hard.

He was a talented boy, and he started working at different places. Soon, he collected enough to start his own business.

He struggled for his family to provide them with a good and healthy lifestyle to not suffer again in life. His struggle paid off, and now he is one of the business tycoons in the US.

What People Ask About Manny Khoshbin’s Family And Personal Life

Q. Who is Manny Khoshbins wife?

Manny Khoshbin’s wife, Leyla Milani is an Iranian-Canadian TV host, model, actress, entrepreneur, and a mommy of two.

Q. Does Manny Khoshbin have children?

Manny and Leyla have 2 babies, a daughter Priscilla Khoshbin and a son Enzo Pasha. Both enjoy spending time with their children and are jointly parenting them.

Q. How old is Manny Khoshbin’s wife?

Leyla Milani was born on April 2, 1982. So, now as of today in 2022, she is 39 years old.

Q. Who was Manny Khoshbin’s first wife?

Leyla Milani, an Iranian-Canadian actress and model is the first and only wife of Manny Khoshbin.

Q. What nationality is Leyla Milani?

She also shared an Iranian ancestry, which can be considered a reason that drew them close.

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