Pat McAfee WWE | The Pat McAfee Show And Stats

Pat McAfee WWE

After retiring from his football career, Pat McAfee decided to join WWE in the year 2018.

He first signed up as a commentator, but in February 2019, he signed a multi-year contract and entered the ring.

His performance inside the ring and behind the desk has been marvelous and is loved by the fans.

Pat McAfee WWE career has been going on for three years now, and fans hope that it won’t end anywhere shortly.

Besides, The Pat McAfee Show has been yet another sensation and a hub of gossip and sports commentary.

Pat McAfee WWE

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McAfee made his debut in wrestling in 2009, when he had a match with the War Pig at an IWA East Coast show in South Charleston.

Although War Pig was in charge during most of the match, Pat hit him with a few blows and superkicks in the end and managed to win the fight.

He made his next WWE appearance nine years later in 2018. By this time, he was making timely appearances in the NXT Takeover events.

Furthermore, after he signed the contract in February 2019, he started hosting pay-per-views on YouTube along with other wrestlers and Fastlane. This hosting has increased the net worth of Pat McAfee enormously.

McAfee also made an appearance in a ring fight between the tag teams, Breezango and Fandango.

Fandango was a replacement for the Undisputed Era. However, McAfee managed to win the game and became the new champion in tag team.

But the feud didn’t end here; McAfee confirmed on October 28th that their feud with the Undisputed Era still stood in place, and he had hired Ridge Holland to take out Adam.

This was supposed to happen at the NXT Takeover 31.

When Holland was injured in a match with Burch, McAfee hired him along with Lorcan so they could take out Roderick and Fish.

This made O’Reilly give them the title shot at the Undisputed Era. Pete Dunne originally joined O’Reilly but later teamed up with McAfee.

Pat McAfee Wrestling
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Undisputed Era made their comeback on November 18th when McAfee interrupted the Finn Balor mid promo.

Later on, the manager, William Regal, sanctioned a match between team McAfee and Undisputed Era.

Team McAfee lost on December 6th when O’Reilly pinned down Lorcan. During the event, he ran into an argument with Adam Cole, and their feud has not been settled to this day.

They even fought again in 2021 in a show that Pat hosts.

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Pat McAfee Stats

Pat establishes the record of 575 punts, along with 26,669 punting yards. His punting average remains 46.4, while his longest punt reached 74. Moreover, he put a record of 193 Inside 20s.

Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee Show

Pat hosts his radio show on Channel 82, where he analyses sports events and voices his opinions and comments. He also invites guests to take their views on any scenario.

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FAQs Regarding Pat McAfee WWE And His Show

Q. Is Pat McAfee retired?

His professional NFL career is over, but he is still a commentator on WWE. It is also expected that he will make a comeback in the ring soon.

Q. How to watch the Pat McAfee show?

You can watch the show on Channel 82 on weekdays, at 3 pm noon Eastern.

Q. How many rings does Pat McAfee have?

Pat has seven Super bowl rings.

Q. How to call the Pat McAfee show?

You can reach out to them through social media or email them at [email protected].

Q. Does Pat McAfee have a Super Bowl ring?

Pat McAfee owns seven super bowl rings to this date.

Q. Is Pat McAfee with Barstool?

In August 2018, McAfee announced that he is no longer with the Barstool brand.

Q. Is Pat McAfee still with WWE?

Pat is still signed to WWE as a color commentator for the SmackDown brand.

Q. Who is on the Pat McAfee show?

The show is hosted by Pat McAfee where he gives his analysis on sports events and often calls over different guests.

Q. Why did Pat McAfee leave the barstool?

He stated that he had made financial decisions and was pulled by people he had never even met.

Q. Why did Pat McAfee retire?

He stated that he wanted to work as a sports contributor with Barstool Sports. Moreover, his knee injury from the fourth season didn’t allow him to play after the recent operation.

Besides, he also doesn’t have good relations with the Colts’ general manager Ryan Grigson.

Q. Where is the Pat McAfee show?

It is aired on Channel 82 at 3 pm every weekday.

Q. Where is Pat McAfee’s office?

His office is situated at 935N Meridian Street in Indianapolis.

Q. Where is Pat McAfee studio?

Pat is currently rocking a mobile studio in a truck and moves on it.

Q. What was Pat McAfee’s contract?

Pat signed the WWE contract in 2019 February. This contract was worth 14.5 million dollars with an average salary of $2.9 million.

Q. What are Pat McAfee’s stats?

Pat has a record of 575 punts, with 26,669 punting yards. His punting average is 46.4, while his longest punt is 74. Furthermore, he has a record of 193 Inside 20s.

Q. When did Pat McAfee retire?

He retired on February 2nd, 2017, after playing eight seasons for the NFL.

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