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Skip Bayless has never publicly stated whether he likes or dislikes Jenny Taft, and the two have never been seen interacting on-screen. However, some clues suggest that Bayless might not be a fan of Taft.

Skip Bayless II is a sports columnist, talk show host, and television personality in America. He was born on December 4, 1951, and is the son of sports journalist and broadcaster Edward “Skip” Bayless.

He has also worked as a sports commentator for the ESPN2 program First Take, which he left in June 2016. On September 6, 2016, Bayless launched his show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed on Fox Sports 1.

Let’s talk about if Skip Bayless likes or dislikes Jenny Taft below!

Does Skip Bayless Not Like Jenny Taft? The Mystery Behind

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Does Skip Bayless Not Like Jenny Taft

For one thing, Bayless has made critical comments about Taft. In particular, Bayless has been critical of Taft’s work as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

In one instance, Bayless said that Taft was “in over her head” and that she was “awful” at her job.

These comments suggest that Bayless does not think highly of Taft’s work as a reporter.

However, it’s possible that Bayless was making honest criticisms of Taft’s work and that he doesn’t dislike her as a person.

Another clue that suggests Bayless might not be a fan of Taft is that he has never been seen complimenting her on-screen.

Whenever Bayless has been asked about Taft, he has remained silent or made critical comments.

This contrasts with other Fox Sports commentators who have praised Taft’s work on-air. However, the evidence suggests that Bayless might not be a fan of Taft.

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Did Jenny Taft leave Undisputed?

Did Jenny Taft leave Undisputed?

A member of the Undisputed cast may be leaving the crew. As per a source, Fox Sports is also likely to replace Jenny Taft as the host of its Skip Bayless-Shannon Sharpe debate show.

Taft has a long history of trading barbs with Bayless on ESPN’s First Take, but according to Ryan Glasspiegel of The New York Post, his sources are reporting something different:

Fox Sports has given news anchor Jenny Taft a new contract, but she will depart FS1’s Undisputed.

She also addressed her relationship with Skip Bayless and the two viral moments of friction she had with him in recent months, one involving Lincoln Riley and another about Mike McCarthy’s physical fitness and whether it affects his leadership abilities.

In accordance with a source, this was not the cause of her departure from the show.

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Is Jenny Taft Off Of Undisputed?

Is Jenny Taft Off Of Undisputed?

Taft has had two viral incidents of friction with Skip Bayless in the last several months.

One involved Lincoln Riley, while the other concerned Mike McCarthy’s physical fitness and if it affected his leadership talents. According to a source, this was not the case.

Taft’s primary focus should be on live events, according to reports. She works as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports’ top college football broadcasting crew, alongside Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt.

Fox has two major sporting events: the men’s World Cup in Qatar from November to December and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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Bayless Won’t Let Taft Answer Shannon Question

When the conversation came around, Taft, Sharpe, and Bayless discussed it. It appeared as if Sharpe attempted to include Taft in the discussion.

I think you’re talking to me, Bayless responded, shoving Taft away.

You have been on the show before. Taft added in a sassy tone that you could not act as if you are not a part of it either.

Sharpe then rose his hand to cut Taft off and quickly said, We’re good, Jenny, as he continued to debate Bayless on the issue.

The segment concluded with Taft having to cut off Sharpe and Bayless both to go to commercial, just as many others on the show do, but it was obvious that she got extremely irritated when both of them ignored her throughout this section.

Jenny Reminds Skip That She Is Part Of Undisputed

Sharpe appeared to try and include Taft into the conversation in a display. Then Bayless said, I think you’re talking to me, leaving Taft to clarify that she is also a part of the program.

Jenny Taft was shocked and appeared hurt that Sharpe would dismiss her so easily, and Taft quickly raised his hands to cut off Taft, stating, “My bad, Jenny; we’re fine,” before continuing the discussion with Bayless.

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