TimTheTatman Wife | His Better Half and Ultimate Supporter

TimTheTatman Wife

Tim the Tatman is widely known on the internet for his gaming videos and streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Although he has been married since 2016, his dating history and marital life have been pretty interesting. Let’s dive into the details of TimTheTatman wife.

TimTheTatman’s Wife

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Tim is married to the gorgeous Alexis. They’ve been married for five years now, and the couple is so adorable that the fans and the audience love them.

Tim’s wife is very supportive of his work and often indulges in his streams that his fans love.

Alexis has a very delightful sense of humor, and in scenarios, she can be even more hilarious than Tim himself.

She often hijacks his streams while he’s on a bathroom break and has fun with his audience.

Tim often refers to himself as the “Dad” of the fans; hence, as soon as they knew about his better half, they immediately called Alexis “Mom.”

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TimTheTatman’s Girlfriend

It might be surprising, but Alexis was indeed his only girlfriend throughout these years.

According to a video on his channel, Tim said they met in high school, where they dated for some time.

However, due to his immaturity, they broke up after some time. Although this video has been deleted, the fact remains known to the world.

Furthermore, they met again in college and started dating, but it had to end due to the restraints caused by a long-distance relationship.

They dated again when Tim was a professional streamer. But now, they both probably knew what they wanted. Alexis was so supportive of his goals that she left her job to move in with him.

It was only a matter of a few months since she moved in that Tim proposed to her, and soon they got married.

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TimTheTatman And His Wife’s Proposal

Alexis probably saw it coming as Tim had already asked her father for permission. To create an ambiance, he booked a day’s tour to relax and chill.

Moreover, she kept deceiving and faking at every step that Alexis was expecting a proposal on. Also read about TimTheTatman’s son.

Dinner passed, and they went into their room. Alexis might have lost hope, whereas Tim saw this as the perfect opportunity.

He proposed to her, and she liked it so much she asked him to do it one more time.

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Tim’s Wife’s Instagram

Although pictures of the couple and their son are posted on Tim’s social media accounts, Alexis is never tagged in any of them.

She has kept her personal life very private and does not expose it to the fans or anyone else.

It is noteworthy that Tim doesn’t follow anyone named Alexis on Twitter or Instagram, which might be considered his wife’s account. She has preserved anonymity in this matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding TimTheTatman’s Wife

Q. How old is Timthetatman wife?

Her exact age is unknown, but speaking in relevance to Tim’s age, we can say she would be in her late 20s or early 30s.

Q. Who is Timthetatman’s wife?

Tim’s wife’s name is Alexis.

Q. How did Timthetatman meet his wife?

Tim met his wife in high school. They did date for some time but then eventually broke up. They dated once again in college, but the long-distance relationship didn’t work. Finally, in their professional lives, they dated again and married at last.

Q. Who is Timthetatman married to?

Tim is married to Alexis.

Q. Who is Timthetatman’s girlfriend?

Alexis has been his only girlfriend.

Q. How did Alexis meet Tim?

She met him first in high school and then in college.

Q. Who is Alexis Betar?

She is Timothy Betar, alias Tim The Tatman’s wife.

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