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A record producer, writer, and, above all, musician, AB Quintanilla, Selena’s brother, is the elder one in the Quintanilla family.

Though they both worked together for a short period, they seem to share a great bond. Selena’s murder proved to be a depressive phase in his life.

After the death of Selena, AB honored Selena by getting a tattoo on his forehead. While talking to a source, he revealed that he was about to give up his career till he met two ladies at some restaurant who motivated him.

Then he continued following his family dream and passion and created his band, Kumbia Kings. But how did he make it so far in life without Selena? And how did AB cope with all the stress after her death?

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How AB Quintanilla, Selena’s Brother, Rose To Fame?

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There is no doubt that the main reason for AB Quintanilla’s fame is her sister’s band and him as a bassist in it.

But, mainly, the highlight sifted from the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena, to his brother was the singer’s death. Not only he but his father and sister are also in the public eye.

However, AB Quintanilla also got fame from his career as a bassist and later as a musician after the band got dissolved.

Years after the death of Selena, he also created bands, one after the other. His first band was Kumbia Kings, which he created in 1998. Explore everything about AB Quintanilla’s net worth.

After a few years, he left the band, created another one, Kumbia All Starz, and joined Elektric Kumbia as his latest band.

Does AB Quintanilla And Selena Share A Great Bond?

AB Quintanilla Sister

AB Quintanilla and Selena were very close to each other. Not only them, but all the AB Quintanilla family also shared an outstanding bond with the late singer Selena.

Since AB Quintanilla is the eldest of all siblings, Selena, being the youngest, was dear to the singer.

Moreover, AB Quintanilla’s love for Selena can be seen because he was the mind behind many of Selena’s top hits. From video making to songwriting, he has made sure she faces zero problems in her life.

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AB Quintanilla Helped Selena Writing The Songs!

AB Quintanilla Sister Selena

You heard it right! Apart from Bassist of the band, AB Quintanilla also co-wrote many of the band’s top hits.

He has worked with Selena to produce some of the greatest songs by the band. So, he has a significant role in making their band known among the people.

Among the songs he wrote for his sister Selena, some of them made it to the top charts at that time.

Talking about the song, Como la Flor, AB stated that the lyrics of this song came to his mind in the middle of the shower. Also, he just wrote that son in 20 minutes. Some of the other songs are:

  • Baila Esta cumbia
  • Amor Prohibido
  • El chico del apartamento 512
  • Dame un Beso
  • Como la flor
  • Si Una Vez
  • No Me Queda Más

AB Quintanilla Selena: The Series

Selena: The Series

This Netflix show takes a deep dive into the successful career of Selena and their band, Selena y Los Dinos.

And what’s more? The Quintanilla siblings were the backbone in making Selena and the band a tremendous hit among the masses.

The Siblings trio, AB Quintanilla, Suzette, and Selena, have made a name for their band in the Tejano music world especially. In Season 2 of Selena: The Series, Ab Quintanilla’s character has groomed, and his music and love career started.

The series also depicted many trials faced by the singer. At the same time, Jacob Vargas played AB Quintanilla in the Selena movie.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding AB Quintanilla And Selena

Q. Was AB Quintanilla in the Selena movie?

AB Quintanilla was also present in the Selena movie, produced by their father, Abraham Quintanilla. Jacob Vargas depicted AB Quintanilla’s role in the movie.

Q. What happened to AB after Selena died?

Ab Quintanilla had a very rough phase in his life after the death of his sister Selena. He had struggled a lot in his career and, after many years, moved on with his life.

Q. Did AB Quintanilla write all of Selena’s songs?

No, AB Quintanilla did not write all Selena’s songs. Instead, he was the brain behind a few of his songs, like Como la Flor, Amor Prohibido, and more.

Q. Who played AB Quintanilla in Selena?

In the Selena movie, Panchito Gomez played AB Quintanilla. The movie got released in the year 1997, two years after the death of the singer.

Q. Who wrote songs for Selena?

Selena’s brother, AB Quintanilla, and the band’s writer, Pete Astudillo, wrote the songs for Selena. Together, they both gave the band some of the greatest hits.

Q. Who plays AB Quintanilla in Selena the series?

In the series Selena, the character of AB Quintanilla, played by Gabriel Chavarria, is an American-Hispanic actor. AB Quintanilla appeared in the second season of Selena: The Series.

Q. How old was AB Quintanilla when Selena died?

At the time of Selena’s death, in 1995, AB Quintanilla had celebrated his 32nd birthday. While Selena being young was 23 years old at that time.

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