AB Quintanilla Wife | Who’s He Currently Married To?

AB Quintanilla Wife

AB Quintanilla has lived a very colorful marriage life with exciting dating history. In the TV show Selena: The Series, much of the details about his first marriage were displayed.

Later on, AB Quintanilla also got involved with many other actresses and personalities. AB Quintanilla’s wife is Anjelah Orellano, with whom he tied the knot in 2019.

The singer, however, is on good terms with all his four wives. AB Quintanilla’s first wife has the most prolonged marriage period with him. From all the marriages, AB Quintanilla is the father of eight children and a grandchild too.

But, do you know who are AB Quintanilla’s wives and what they all do now? How did they get split up?

And how many children does Quintanilla have with them? Well, stay here, and we will walk you through all the details. Moving right along, time to discover more!

AB Quintanilla First Wife – Evangelina Almeida

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Who knew that a music concert could bring so much love and happiness to AB Quintanilla’s life. Well, we are talking about the interaction between the singer and his first love, Vangie. At a concert, they two had eye contact and the spark between them started.

Later, Vangie attended AB Quintanilla at another concert, and the two had a friendly talk after that. Within no time, they both hooked up with each other and started spending time with one another.

AB Quintanilla ex-wife, Evangelina Almeida, Vangie

In 1988, the couple made their relationship official and tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Corpus Christi, Texas. Two years after their marriage, in 1991, they welcomed a son named Savani.

He is the firstborn child of AB Quintanilla. Later, Vangie also gave birth to a daughter in 2000, which they both called Martika.

Later, after their marriage, the couple announced their split and parted ways. However, the children are still connected to the AB Quintanilla family and are very dear to their father, AB Quintanilla.

When AB Quintanilla Married For The Second Time?

Guess What? AB Quintanilla’s love life didn’t end there as he fell in love all over again and this time with the actress Heather Grein.

The couple met and instantly caught eyes with each other, which later resulted in a marriage. The marriage happened in 2002 with close family and friends.

Talking about AB Quintanilla kids, he had two boys with Heather Grein. The older one is Jae Quintanilla, while the younger one is Elijah Quintanilla.

Both the boys and their mother seem to be much attached to the Quintanilla family. However, the couple took divorce after a few years.

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Who Is AB Quintanilla Wife # 3? – Brenda Ramirez

Well, no one can not control your love emotions, and Abraham is the proof! AB Quintanilla started romancing again after the divorce with his ex-wife, Heather Grein.

The musician married Brenda Ramirez in 2004, within all the happiness and cherished moments of New Year’s Eve.

The couple did not get along well and ended their marriage after a few blissful years. Not much information is available about their children, as they have been kept with utmost privacy.

AB Quintanilla Married For The Fourth Time!

AB Quintanilla Wife Rikkie Leigh Robinson

The romance did not end there as AB Quintanilla moved on from the last divorce and got involved with the YouTuber and beauty enthusiast Rikkie Leigh Robinson.

They both made their relationship official in their marriage in 2011 and had good days together.

AB Quintanilla Wife Rikkie

Be that as it may, things were not to support them, and they filed the divorce in the year 2016. AB Quintanilla announced his separation on one of his tours.

They both might have children in the five years of marriage, as nothing is available on the web about them.

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Who Is AB Quintanilla Current Wife?

AB Quintanilla Wife Anjelah Orellano

Currently, AB Quintanilla got engaged to Anjelah Orellano. After spending some quality time together, they both walked down the aisle in 2019 and had a private wedding ceremony.

The news of their wedding was kept confidential till their first wedding anniversary, and AB Quintanilla wrote a post for her on Instagram.

Selena’s brother is quite open about his fifth wife, and they both show affection for each other on the internet. Currently, they both are living a happy married life together. Till now, they both did not plan any children.

FAQs Regarding AB Quintanilla Wife

Q. Is AB Quintanilla still married?

AB Quintanilla found his love for the fifth time and is married to the girl. His current wife is Anjelah Orellano, and the couple has been living together for two years.

Q. Is AB Quintanilla still married to first wife, Vangie?

No, AB Quintanilla and Vangie got split up after their 12 years of marriage. The couple is still on good terms, but they are not married to each other.

Q. What is AB Quintanilla’s wife’s name?

AB Quintanilla’s wife’s name is Anjelah Orellano Quintanilla. They both fell in love with each other in 2019 and continued living happily after that.

Q. When did AB Quintanilla get married?

The first time AB Quintanilla got married was in 1988, and since then, he got married other times. In 2019, he tied the knot for the fifth time.

Q. Why did AB Quintanilla divorce his wife?

The reason for AB divorcing his wives is not publicly known. He got divorced four times, and every time he has kept things about his love life private.

Q. Who are AB Quintanilla wives?

AB Quintanilla’s current wife is Anjelah Orellano. However, he got married to Evangelina Almeida, Heather Grein, Brenda Ramirez, and Rikkie Leigh Robinson in the past.

This article was last updated in June 2024.
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