Cameron Diaz Retired Actress | Why She Quit Acting?

Cameron Diaz Retired

Cameron Diaz is a retired American actress and former fashion model. Born in San Diego, California, to Emilio and Billie Diaz, she made her film debut at 16 with “The Mask.”

In 1995, she starred as Mary Alice Young on the “Melrose Place” ABC television series for its second season. Before diving into her full career overview, let’s get to know why she retired from the acting career.

Cameron Diaz After Getting Retired From Acting

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Cameron Diaz After Getting Retired From Acting

The actress who once retired from acting has been living her best life since then, joining TikTok and celebrating the wine label she co-founded.

In an era where many famous faces are still actively pursuing their careers despite having enough material at hand already, doing so isn’t worth it for them or maybe even willing – which could mean they’re not getting offered good roles anyway because studios want fresh blood.

Cameron Diaz explains why she left acting

It’s no secret that Cameron Diaz has wanted to retire from acting for quite some time now. In an interview earlier, she revealed her plans on quitting Hollywood and if there would be any chance at all of returning future projects ahead of schedule.

Through her overall career, Cameron Diaz’s net worth is around $140 million approximately.

Actress said, “I’m done.” With these words spoken by one of our favorite brunettes, we’ve ever seen. The former actress has not looked back since withdrawing from acting. She now focuses on her organic wine label, named Avaline, which was inspired by COVID-19’s effects on television and film.

Cameron Diaz left acting

Yahoo also questioned the retired actress whether she would resume her acting career. With no hesitation and an honest smile on her face – Yahoo got its answer:

Cameron told that it was only a difference in her life then. She was here then and that was the most enthralling thing that she had ever done in her life.

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Cameron Diaz quit acting

To have a family and be married and had their little family nucleus. That was only completely the best thing. So, she couldn’t give. She didn’t have what it took to make a movie what needed to be made. All of her energy was there.

It is to be noted that Cameron Diaz’s husband is Benji Madden and they both have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, named Raddix Madden.

Cameron Diaz’s Career Overview Before She Quit Acting

Cameron Diaz's Career Overview Before She Quit Acting

From 1996 to 2000, Diaz played the role of Cher Horowitz on Fox’s hit sitcom “Clueless,” which was loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma.
The show was followed by two films:” “(1999) and “A Cinderella Story” (2004).

She has been featured in numerous magazine covers since 1999 for publications, including:

  • Rolling Stone Magazine,
  • Harper’s Bazaar,
  • Vanity Fair Magazine,
  • Marie Claire Magazine,
  • Allure, and More.
Cameron Diaz retirement

In 2001, Diaz starred in the action-comedy “Charlie’s Angels” as well as its popular sequel “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” (2003).

  • Her career has continued with such films as:
  • “Annie” (1982),
  • “Vanilla Sky” (2001),
  • “Shrek” (2001),
  • “Gangs of New York” (2002),
  • “The Holiday” (2006),
  • “My Sister’s Keeper” (2009),
  • “Bad Teacher” (2011),
  • “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (2012) and
  • “Sex Tape” (2014).

Diaz was ranked No. 26 on “Maxim” magazine’s Hot 100 of 2014 list, and the race for No. 1 was tight. Diaz edged out popular women for the top spot, including Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and Mila Kunis.

In 2014, Diaz was also featured in the list of ” 100 most influential people by the annual Times. Diaz has also worked as a producer, with her producing credits including “The Duff” (2015), “Annie” (2014), and “The Holiday” (2006).

In 1989, at the age of 16, Diaz signed with Elite Model Management. She also served her modeling for Calvin Klein and Levi’s. She also got opportunities to be featured on several mainstream magazines covers, from “Seventeen” to “Vogue.”

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FAQ’s Regarding Cameron Diaz Retired Actress

When did Cameron Diaz stop acting?

In late 2013, Cameron Diaz announced taking a “break” from acting. She hasn’t officially retired, but she has said that she’s not interested in doing any more movies.

There were a few potential reasons for this decision. Maybe Cameron Diaz just wanted to take some time off to focus on other things (like her marriage and new baby). Or maybe the demands of being an actress are starting to wear her down, and she’s ready to move on to something new.

After no less than 50 credits on her name, in 2014, she finally declared her retirement from Hollywood to complete her last movie “Annie.”

What’s happened to Cameron Diaz?

Cameron Diaz has retired from acting. After working for over 20 years in the show business industry, Diaz announced her retirement from acting in 2014. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she told that she was done and that she meant she was not dying but she was done.

Diaz didn’t give a specific reason for her decision but said she’s “been doing this since I was 19” and is ready to do something else. “It’s just that it’s been kind of an unspoken rule that once you hit 40, you’re not a sex symbol anymore,” she added. “But I don’t care about that.”

This article was last updated in May 2024.
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