Vernon Kay Hair | Top Trendy Haircuts & Hairstyles By Him In 2024

Vernon Kay hair

Vernon Kay is a British TV presenter and entertainer. Vernon Kay hair has been the topic of many discussions over the years.

In fact, Vernon himself has been very open about his hairstyles and haircuts and often talks about his hair in interviews.

Vernon began to let his hair grow out when he started presenting on ITV Breakfast in 2009 and Vernon also experimented with different hairstyles while he was there.

Vernon later went back to having short cropped hair for a while before letting it grow again during his time at Channel 5 such as in 2012 after Vernon had come back from The X Factor USA judging panel where Vernon had shorter styled blonde locks.

Vernon’s current hairstyle is a short back and sides with the top longer which Vernon has had for a while now.

The world loves to see what style he puts together next so they can imitate it with their locks – but let me tell you something: They’ve seen everything already because his hairstyles never fail to amaze us every time around (pun intended)!

The man got some serious talent when executing those razor cuts or fades into box layers; plus, there are always new length options available depending on how big your hair is going. But, certainly, there is no need for extensions here either since we all know.

Vernon Kay Discusses His Hairstyles And Haircuts

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Vernon Kay Hairstyle

Vernon has often discussed his haircuts and hairstyles in interviews with the media. For example, in a 2010 interview with The Sun, Vernon said: “I am growing my hair out but it is going to take a while, I have had short hair for so long now. Vernon Kay Haircut 2009 was very popular with the ladies.”

In a 2012 interview with Digital Spy, Vernon said about his hairstyle at the time: “I had short hair for a while and then I let it grow again. But it’s just one of those things where you have to chop it all off and start again if you’re not happy with it.”

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Vernon Kay Haircut

And in a 2016 interview with The Sun, Vernon said about his hair: “I am having to grow my fringe out. Vernon Kay’s Haircut 2016 is not great when there are two bits on your head that you can’t control.”

Vernon has often discussed Vernon Kay Haircuts and Hairstyles with the media in interviews over the years.

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How Tess Daly Affected Vernon Kay In Terms Of Maintaining His Long Hair?

Vernon Kay has faced a surge of calls to maintain his long hair after Tess Daly reached out. The Strictly Come Dancing host, 51, posted on Instagram that her husband’s locks have been trending online due in part to all the attention they’ve received following Vernon posting an image with gelled up ‘do and swept-back looking sharp while wearing shades (he also wears contacts).

Vernon Kay Long Hair

Vernon Kay Long Hair

The Strictly host, Tess, has been keeping fans updated on their daily life situations in these difficult times.

In an essay recently shared via Instagram, she revealed that despite her lockdowns struggle in a post entitled “Good morning beautiful people.” It read:

“Just checking in saying hi and wondering how it’s already Friday? Is it just me, or does time seem to fly by even MORE quickly when you’ve got so much more of it on your hands?”

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Top 4 Haircuts And Hairstyles Of Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay I'm A Celebrity Hairstyle

Here are some of Vernon Kay’s haircuts and hairstyles over the years:

  • Vernon Kay 2009 Haircut

Vernon had long hair during his time presenting on ITV Breakfast.

  • Vernon Kay 2012 Haircut

Vernon had a short-styled blonde hair look during his time at Channel.

  • Vernon Kay 2016 Haircut

Vernon has a short back and sides with the top longer hairstyle which he has had for a while now.

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Vernon Kay’s Various Hairstyles

Vernon Kay Short Hairstyle

Vernon has experimented with many different hairstyles for men over the years such as a quiff, a side parting, and even Vernon Kay’s hair had been dyed blonde. Even, according to some rumors, Vernon Kay used to wear a hair clip on his long hair.

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