Vernon Kay Shaun Of The Dead Star And Other Cast Members

Vernon Kay Shaun Of The Dead

Vernon Kay Shaun of the dead movie star is an English television and radio presenter. He has hosted several programmes on the BBC and ITV networks in the UK.

In 2004, he played Shaun’s father Pete in Shaun of the Dead alongside Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Lucy Davis.

Vernon Kay’s character was a member of the local neighborhood watch. He had been hoping to catch up with Shaun and Liz at their engagement party, but unfortunately for him, he got caught in traffic.

In 2008, Vernon returned as Mr. Shepherd in Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg again alongside Nick Frost and Martin Freeman from The Office fame.

Vernon Kay Shaun of The Dead

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Vernon Kay Shaun Of The Dead and Cast members

One night on The Restaurant Show, Vernon made a confession that has shocked viewers. He revealed he starred in Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead film!

You may know this classic comedy as it stars Nick Frost and Steve Coogan as they battle zombies to save their friend from being eaten alive by flesh-eating monsters.

Simon Pegg’s character, Shaun, is watching TV when he sees a brief cameo from Vernon. The actor played himself in the 2005 film and said:

“I’m excited to have with us here…a sensational chart-topping star.” He changes channels before any more can be seen of him or his performance as well!

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Shaun Of The Dead Other Cast Members

In addition to Vernon Kay, Shaun of the Dead also stars Bill Nighy, Dylan Moran, and Penelope Wilton.

The film is a British horror-comedy that tells the story of a group of people who are fighting zombies in London. It was co-written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright.

Shaun Of The Dead Movie Cast Members

The film’s premiere was launched at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and was released in the UK on February 18, 2005. It grossed over £48 million at the box office worldwide! Even, Vernon Kay’s net worth also got a boost with the Shaun Of The Dead movie.

Vernon Kay And Shaun Of The Dead Cast Interview

In an interview at the time of release, Vernon Kay and Simon Pegg talked about their experiences on set.

Vernon said: “It’s a great privilege to be asked onto something like this – I just couldn’t turn it down.” He added that he’d met some new friends during filming!

Simon also mentioned how great it was to have such a big name like Bill Nighy on set. He said: “Bill’s one of our national treasures, so to have him in the film is amazing.”

The two of them also joked about Dylan Moran’s method acting techniques, with Simon saying:

“Dylan would just go off and spend all day locked in his caravan.” Vernon added: “He was just really quiet and moody. The whole crew thought he’d gone a bit mad!”

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Shaun Of The Dead Director Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg Interview

Simon Pegg Shaun Of The Dead

Edgar Wright, the director of Shaun of the Dead, also gave an interview about the making of the film.

He said: “I always wanted to do a zombie movie that wasn’t really a zombie movie.” He added that he loved the idea of mixing horror with comedy and thought it would be really nice to know how people would react to it.

He also talked about how the film’s title changed over time. At first, it was going to be called “Zombie Movie” but they later decided on Shaun of the Dead because they thought it sounded more like a comedy.

Edgar Wright also mentioned that he wanted to make sure that the zombies looked as realistic as possible. He said: “We wanted them to look really bad – but not too much like CGI.”

He also revealed that the film was only made with a £12 million budget, which meant they had to keep costs down by doing all their own makeup effects!

This included using ketchup for blood and toothpaste for brains during the scene where Shaun and his friends are fighting the zombies in the pub.

In conclusion, Shaun of the Dead is a great British film that was written, directed, and starring some of the UK’s best talent! It’s definitely worth a watch!

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Vernon Kay Shaun Of The Dead Cameo Appearance

In addition, Simon also admitted that to make sure they got the movie made before anyone else did, they would have to film on weekends and in their spare time.

He said: “We’d written the script and it was our idea, so we knew that if anyone else got hold of it before us then they could make a really bad version.”

During filming, he also had to keep quiet about his role as Pete – even from his friends! Vernon explained:

“I told my mates I was in it because if there were any spoilers they would have ruined the movie for me.”

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FAQs Regarding Vernon Kay And Shaun Of The Dead

Q. Was Vernon Kay the Shaun of the Dead?

Yes. He played a cameo in the movie The Shaun of the Dead.

Q. What did Vernon Kay do in Shaun of the dead?

As Shaun is watching TV, he sees a brief cameo from Vernon. The actor played himself in 2005 and said: “I’m excited to have with us here…a sensational chart-topping star.” But, unfortunately, he changes channels before more can be seen of him or his performance!

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