Vernon Kay Parents And Family | Who Are They?

Vernon Kay Parents

Family is a vital part of our lives. It’s how we came to be, and it’s something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

In this article, you’ll find out about Vernon Kay’s family history, his parents, where he grew up in England, his relationships with his ex-wives before finding love again – all in search of answers to what makes him tick!

Vernon Kay Family

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Vernon Kay Family

Vernon Kay was born to Norman and Gladys Kay on April 28th, 1974. He is the elder son of their family with a brother named Stephen that works as an engineer for e-books company E Ink Corporation in Singapore!

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Vernon Kay Parents

Vernon’s father worked long hours driving trucks while mom stayed at home taking care of children – she passed away when he was just eight years old due to breast cancer but left behind him priceless memories like how proud she would’ve been seeing what became one man who helped create this country’s first national book portal (NAB) foundation.

Vernon Kay’s Father – Norman Kay

Vernon Kay Father Norman Kay

Vernon Kay’s father is Norman Kay. Hailed from Ireland, Norman Kay was born on Jan 28, 1941.

Norman Kay has two sisters, Patricia and Maureen as well as one brother called William who died in a road accident aged just 11-years-old.

When Vernon was at the age of 5, his parents got separated and he moved with his father.

Norman Kay is a successful businessman who is experienced in working in the property development industry for the past years. In fact, it was Norman who helped develop the original Manchester United football ground – Old Trafford.

He is also known as the owner of racehorses as well as a director of several different companies.

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Vernon Kay’s Mother – Gladys Kay

Vernon Kay Mother Gladys Kay

Vernon Kay’s mum is Gladys Kay. She also comes from Ireland and hails from the North East of England.

Gladys has one sister, Anne who lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Her parents are both dead but her mother used to run a sweet shop when she was growing up!

Gladys met Norman when she was only 16 and both of the love birds tied their knot after a year.

Like her ex-husband, Gladys is also successful in her own right. She has worked as a secretary for many years and is now retired.

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FAQs Regarding Vernon Kay’s Parents And Family

Q. Who is Vernon Kay’s dad?

His father is Norman Kay. His father was a truck driver and worked tirelessly to provide his children with a good life.

Q. Who are Vernon Kay’s parents?

Norman and Glady Kay are Vernon Kay’s parents.

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