Tess Daly And Vernon Kay Daughters – Phoebe Elizabeth & Amber

Vernon Kay Daughters

Vernon Kay is a British TV presenter and comedian, who has two adorable daughters with his wife Tess Daly.

Vernon’s youngest daughter Phoebe Elizabeth was born in 2004 and Amber Isabella was born in 2009.

Aren’t you excited to know more about Vernon’s daughters? This article will discuss what we have gathered about them and how they have been brought up. We’ll also talk a little bit more about the love relationship between their parents.

Vernon Kay Daughters

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Vernon Kay daughters Amber and Phoebe

Phoebe Elizabeth Kay

Vernon and Tess’s first child, Phoebe, was born on 17 October 2004. A year later, she starred as the presenter for BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 (a few years after welcoming her).

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Vernon Kay And Tess Daly Daughter

We don’t know much about this girl who turned 13 last week, but we did have a chat with mom-to-be (Vernon Kay Wife – Tess Daly) some time ago where they confessed that their daughter has always been an “awake” baby – not one to sleep until she was three and half years old like most kids do.

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Amber Kay

Vernon Kay And Tess Daly Child

5 years after welcoming Phoebe, the couple welcomed their 2nd daughter Amber Isabella on 30 May 2009.

Tess confessed that she worried about how her two girls would play together, given their age difference. However, when asked by MFM for advice to other future mothers-to-be in this situation, they replied: “Just make sure you enjoy every moment with your children.”

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see siblings who are close enough in age where one might boss/lead as opposed to authority figures–a pattern which has been seen many times before among older kids taking care of younger ones because having someone dependent brings joy!

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10 Interesting Facts About Vernon Kay’s Daughters

Vernon Kay Tess Daly with Amber And Phoebe

This article discusses 10 interesting facts about Vernon Kay’s daughters.

  • Vernon and Tess Daly are both huge supporters of charity work. In fact, their daughters’ middle names (Isabella and Elizabeth) are after two of the patron saints of England.
  • Vernon has always had a great sense of humour which is why he makes such an excellent television presenter. In fact, one of Vernon’s daughters has inherited her father’s sense of humour.
  • Amber Isabella is a regular on the UK show “The Keith Lemon Sketch Show”.
  • Vernon is a very hands-on dad and he is fond of spending time with his beautiful daughters. In fact, one of Vernon’s favourite things to do is take his daughters on holiday.
Tess Daly Daughters
  • Amber Isabella was just six years old when she made her acting debut in the movie “Nanny McPhee”.
  • Phoebe Elizabeth Kay is Vernon’s youngest daughter. She was born in 2004.
  • Vernon Kay Daughters are both very talented young women, but they have completely different interests and personalities.
  • Vernon loves being a dad so much that he was willing to go on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” just to see his daughters. Vernon was the fifth person to be eliminated from this show, but it looks like Vernon got to see his daughters as he had planned!
  • One of Vernon’s most famous TV shows is “All Star Family Fortunes” and one episode featured Vernon Kay Daughters Amber Isabella and Phoebe Elizabeth. The sisters were so excited to be on their dad’s show and they did an amazing job!
  • Vernon Kay Daughters make their parents very proud. In fact, Vernon has said that his daughters are “the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life”.
  • Vernon Kay’s daughters are both gorgeous young women and they have inherited their mother’s good looks.
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FAQs Regarding Vernon Kay Daughters

Q. Who are Vernon Kay’s daughters?

He has two beautiful daughters named Phoebe and Amber.

Q. How old are Vernon Kay’s daughters?

His older daughter Phoebe is 17 years old, while the younger daughter Amber is 12 years.

Q. Do Tess and Vernon have any children?

The couple has two adorable daughters named Phoebe and Amber.

Q. How many kids do Vernon and Tess have?

They have two children. Phoebe is the elder child, while Amber is the younger one.

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