Vernon Kay Wife | Has Tess Daly Cheated On Vernon Kay?

Vernon Kay Wife

Vernon Kay is one of the most famous TV hosts in the UK who has hosted I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Alongside his wife Tess Daly from 2009-2011.

Since he was a child, he has been on television and recently became an anchor for Dancing On Ice when it returned to ITV in 2013 after being off the air for eight years.

Vernon has also hosted But what happened to Vernon’s wife? We have all heard rumours about her cheating with her dance partner Michael Underwood, but let’s take a closer look at this story before we jump to any conclusions.

Vernon Kay Wife

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Vernon Kay and Tess

Vernon Kay And Tess Daly

The couple met on T4, a show for which Vernon was presenting. They turned out to be one of Britain’s most iconic couples and have been together for 18 years!

In an interview with Digital Spy, the duo looks back at their early days as they talk about how much fun they had while dating – “It couldn’t be more chaotic!” laughs Tess in agreement.

It seems like there is no slowing down these two when you get them out of bed at 7 am every day. In fact, they’ve been working together for years. Vernon Kay and Tess Daly’s net worth has significantly boosted while they were working on the show.

Vernon Kay Wedding

Vernon Kay Wedding

After two years of dating, Tess and Vernon married at St Mary’s Church in Horwich. The couple was all smiles during their reception when they hosted Rivington Hall Barn for guests who wanted something more low-key than a high-profile celebrity wedding with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey walking down the aisle instead!

Vernon Kay And Tess Daly Wedding
Vernon Kay Wedding Photos

The guests at the wedding included Big brother winner Brian Dowling as well as the T4 presenter June Sarpong.

In addition, DJ Brandon Block provided entertainment for the evening, along with five other performances throughout dinner time by various DJs from around New York City who volunteered their services to make sure that all of our requests were met!

Vernon Kay Wedding Photos
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Vernon Kay Wife Cheated

Vernon has opened up about the affair he had in I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here with his campmates. But, he said, “All that stuff is in the past; we’ve forgotten about it and moved on.”

Vernon Kay With His Wife Tess Daly

Although he has tried to forget this scandal from three years ago by not talking or engaging other people who were involved as well, such as Vernon’s family members, however, added, “We all learned through being more aware of mental health how beneficial conversation can be.”

A 33-year old model, Rhian Sugden, went on to elaborate exactly how the scandal initiated and confessed: “there was an attraction there for both of us.”

The former Page Three girl is best known for her affair with TV personality Vernon Kay in 2010, where she claims that their romance happened over text messages.

They married later down the line in 2003 after meeting each other through mutual friends. Still, They soon broke up about seven years ago, leaving Rhia heartbroken until they unexpectedly reunited last year when things got steamy between them again!

Vernon Kay And Tess Daly Are In Love With Each Other

Even after their break-up, they patched up together as they are madly in love with each other. In fact, they no longer remember their past and live their present. The video below shows their love when Vernon Made Tess’s face comic.

This article was last updated in May, 2024.

FAQs Regarding Vernon Kay Wife

Q. How old is Vernon Kay’s wife?

Tess Daly is a few years older than Vernon Kay. However, her age is 52 years as of 2021.

Q. Who is worth more, Vernon Kay and Tess Daly?

Surprisingly, Tess is worth more than Vernon. While Vernon is worth around 2 million pounds, Tess has a net worth almost double that.

Q. What is Tess Daly’s real name?

Her real name is Helen Elizabeth Daly, but she is commonly known as Tess Daly.

Q. Where was Tess Daly born?

She was born in Stockport, United Kingdom.

Q. Who is Tess Daly’s husband?

Her husband is Vernon Kay, the famous TV Presenter, and Model.

Q. Who is Vernon Kay’s Mrs?

His wife is Helen Elizabeth Daly, but she is commonly known as Tess Daly.

Q. Who is Tess Daly’s dad?

Her father is Vivian Daly.

Q. What happened with Tess and Vernon?

After they tied the knot, Vernon and Tess faced many challenges. One of these was a sexting scandal of Vernon that threatened to break up their marriage – but it wasn’t before long-lasting love had thrived despite all odds!

Q. When did Vernon Kay get married?

He got married to Tess Daly in 2003.

Q. Are Vernon and Tess still together?

Yes. Even after a few complications in their relationship, they are still together.

Q. How Long Has Tess Daly Been married?

She was married to Vernon Kay in 2003. As of 2021, she has been married for 18 years.

Q. Is Vernon Kay married?

He has been married to Tess Daly for 18 years now.

Q. How did Vernon Kay meet Tess?

The couple met on T4, a show for which Vernon was presenting. They went on to become one of Britain’s most iconic couples and have been together 18 years!

Q. Where did Vernon Kay get married?

In the town of Horwich, Vernon and Bridget were married before hosting their reception at Rivington Hall Barn. The couple’s love for each other shines through in every image taken throughout this special day!

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