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It has always been a hot question, are Vernon Kay and Peter Kay related? The answer might finally be revealed. Read on to find out the truth behind this long-standing rumor!

Peter Kay is a world-renowned comedian, while Vernon Kay is a British TV and radio presenter. However, the two share more than just their profession – they are also rumored to be related!

How Do Vernon Kay and Peter Kay Relate To Each Other?

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Are Peter Kay and Vernon Kay related?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Vernon Kay and Peter Kay are related. They both hail from the North, but their last names couldn’t be more different!

Many people have wondered about this over time, as well they should since there may not even seem like any relationship between them at first glance.

But rest assured- while these two men share a surname (and Bolton roots), that doesn’t mean anything else in terms of bloodline or family relationships, though you do get some good laughs out watching them interact on TV shows together.

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What’s The Mystery Behind Vernon Kay And Peter Kay?

Vernon Kay is a TV and radio presenter who has been hosting several shows for ITV. The British TV personality was born on the 28th of April, 1974 in Manchester, England.

After graduating from high school, he went to university where he studied history and politics of art at the University of Leeds. However, after only one year there – Vernon decided that a career in TV presenting was more his thing. Don’t miss out on reading Vernon Kay’s career in detail.

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Vernon Kay and Peter Kay relationship

Peter Kay is a world-renowned comedian, born on December 17th, 1971 in Bolton, England. After leaving school, he worked as a telephonist for BTEC before starting work as a stand-up comic at the age of 18.

Peter has since won several awards, including the prestigious British Comedy Award.

So, are they really related? The answer is yes! Vernon and Peter Kay are cousins. Their grandfathers are said to be brothers, making them second cousins. However, this hasn’t always been common knowledge – Vernon only found out about it a few years ago himself!

The two first met in 2001, when Vernon was a guest on Peter’s show. They have since appeared together on various TV shows, as well as performing stand-up gigs together.

Although they are cousins, the two have very different styles – Vernon is more serious and straight-laced, while Peter is much more of a jokester. However, they both share a love of Manchester and are proud to be from the city.

It’s clear that Vernon and Peter Kay share more than just their profession – they are also related! They have appeared together on TV shows and even performed stand-up gigs together. So, if you’re a fan of either one of them, make sure to check out!

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Top 7 Facts About Vernon Kay And Peter Kay

Vernon Kay friend

Do they share a common ancestor somewhere down the line from both of them to give them their talent? You might be surprised to find out.

  • Both Vernon and Peter Kay are from Manchester, England.
  • Vernon Kay is a TV and radio presenter while Peter Kay is a world-renowned comedian.
  • They are cousins, their grandfathers were brothers.
  • The first time they met was in 2001 on Peter’s show.
  • Since then they have appeared together on various TV shows and even have stand-up gigs together.
  • Even though they are cousins, their styles are quite different with Vernon being more serious and Peter being the jokester.
  • They share a love of Manchester which is where they both call home.
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Vernon and Peter Kay are cousins who have very different styles. Vernon is more serious and straight-laced while Peter is a jokester. If you’re a fan of either one, be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

FAQs Regarding Vernon Kay And Peter Kay

Q. Is Peter Kay related to Vernon Kay?

Although many people believe this, they both only share the same surname.

Q. What disease does Peter Kay have?

In October of 2018, during her first term at King’s College London University and the product of years spent studying in the United States as well as having an alma mater near Manchester with solid links to medical research there- she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of this brain cancer.

Q. What happened to Peter Kay’s dad?

His father, Michael, was an engineer. Unlike Vernon Kay’s parents, Peter’s dad died just before Peter’s career had started.

However, he didn’t want to let him down, so he pushed harder than ever and quickly became one of the best players in his league while also going on tour with England’s national soccer team as they won championships around Europe- all without any formal training or experience!

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